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Meet the maker

I love glitter, dinosaurs and a good lipstick!


I'm Hannah Rose (she/her), a maker currently based in Ashland, OR working at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. During the height of covid, the theatre industry was shut down - cue me getting crafty with my sewing machine.

Originally from New Orleans, I grew up learning to walk to the beat of my own drum thanks to my incredible parents, both phenomenal makers in their own right. My dad, a real MacGyver and my mom, costumer/designer extraordinaire. I learned how to sew from a young age from my Grandma Rose, a seamstress, not to be outdone by my other Grandma Rose (yep, that's two Grandmothers named Rose, hence my middle name) who knows how to throw down in the kitchen. As an only child, I spent countless hours by myself making many art and crafts or "arts 'n crabs" as I liked to call it. I once even made a full ensemble made out of newspaper (shoes included)!

The word "Roovy" comes from a pre-teen collage making session when I cut the word "groovy" out of a magazine. Later I needed a "G," thus "roovy" was born. I taped this new word up in my room. When I would make cards for family, I wrote "Roovy Inc." on the back. My dad always loved my cards and the name so it felt just right to name my handmade crafting biz after roovy and my grandmothers.

My love of making has led me here to bring some fun items to life. I love dinosaurs, glitter, and a good lipstick! Get ready for some extra shine items coming your way!

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