Currently on hiatus until May 2023


I'm Hannah Rose, the maker!
With a heavy duty sewing machine and fabulous imagination, Roovy by Rose launched in November 2020 from my home in Brooklyn. Pre-Covid, I was living the singer/actor life here in NYC. You may have seen me singing about Olay face products. For more about that, check out my website.
A lot of my craft inspiration comes from my favorite TV shows, pop culture and love of all things extra (the more sparkle the better)! I adore one of a kind items, and I truly feel each Roovy by Rose item is unique in its own way. I hope my crafts bring some extra shine to your day. 
What's a 'Roovy'?
The word "Roovy" comes from a pre-teen collage making session when I cut the word "groovy" out of a magazine. Later I needed a "G," thus "roovy" was born. I taped this new word up in my room. When I would make cards for family, I wrote "Roovy Inc." on the back. My dad always loved my cards and the name so it felt just right to name my handmade crafting biz after roovy and my grandmothers.
Roovy by Rose is dedicated to my parents and grandparents who are all makers and doers that have shaped me into the maker I am today.